I’m Jamie. Mom of 7 and a photographer. I understand the challenges of building the life your family needs, and documenting it along the way. Let’s work together!

college station family pictures | holiday portraits
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family photography | the "l" family

I so enjoyed meeting this family! They were referred to me by another client, and I'm always so grateful when folks pass my name along! 4 kids in this family, they were so fun, and you could tell they really have a lot of love for each other and for having fun!

good weather for photos!

It was raining like crazy all day, but this family was needing pictures taken before the holidays got under way, so we prayed hard for the skies to clear and they did! A kind family here in College Station allowed us to use their property to avoid the mud, and everything worked out perfectly. 

making a plan

The holidays are about to be over (sad face), and it's almost 2018. What better time to make your plan for documenting your family in pictures? Start out the new year with a plan and keep it simple! Here's what I'm doing in 2018..

professional photography college station, family photos college station
college station family photos, college station professional photography

organize your photos

In January, start a folder on your desktop, or even an album on your phone. Label it January 2018. All the photos from that month go into that folder. At the end of the month, print those photos. 4x6 is a great size, and there are now prints sized 4x4 which are super cute for a magnet board or fridge, or even an album. There are plastic page protectors in these sizes, such as these and these that you can add your photos to and put them in a notebook or album! 

preserve your memories

When your photos arrive, add them to your album, and you've done it! Do this each month, and at the end of the year, your family album will already by done! One more thing you may want to do is, when the photos arrive, before you slip them into the sleeves, do a little quick journaling on the back. Write the date or an important fact such as "Ashley's 9th birthday. Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Grandma. College Station, TX". Many years later, you'll be so glad you took a little time to write this down! It only takes a few minutes, you can do it while you watch TV one night.

professional photos each year

Now that you've got an easy plan for your everyday memories, don't forget about professional family photos. These are a simple way to create art for your homes, and preserve memories for generations. Professional photos are large files with a high resolution, and most of all.. everyone can be in the photo. Make sure to book a session and try to do it every year! Any time of the year is a good time here in College Station. The weather is temperate year round, and in the summer when it's pretty hot, maybe consider a lifestyle photo session in your home! Sessions with me are low stress and I try to keep it fun for the kids! We will meet up and the kids can play, families snuggle up, and we get those photos done! 

george bush library | family portraits

george bush library | family portraits

family photo session | the c family

family photo session | the c family