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the s family | college station family photography
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the S family | professional family photos college station

family photos in College Station

Texas in the fall is HOT.  College Station especially!  It's supposed to be getting cold, right?!  It seems like everywhere else, people are jumping into fall - makes me a little jealous!  However, Texas does have beautiful foliage, and nothing beats our sunsets, so I try not to complain too much.  These kids had so much fun playing with their parents during this photo shoot!  Dad gave piggy back rides and airplane rides, and they got lots of tickles.  Photo shoots don't have to be stressful!

what to wear to a photo session

Look at the gorgeous colors this mama put together!  

What to wear for photos is something everyone seems to worry over.  In my opinion... DON'T WORRY!  Anything you choose that reflects your family's style will be perfect.  A couple of simple guidelines that help make it easy:

Bold colors really help your portraits have that "pop" that shows up so beautifully in print and on the web.  Add in a few pieces of bolder colors.  

Limit patterns.  Don't have everyone in plaid, or everyone in floral.  Just use those patterns as an accent.  

If you are truly worried or lacking inspiration, you can always check pinterest for LOTS of ideas about what colors look good together!

As far as being "dressy" or "casual" - this is your family preference.  I always tell the story of how my little guy insisted on wearing his flip flops to a portrait session.  I worried over it at the time, but they are some of my favorite photos now!  I love that I won't ever forget how much he loved those shoes.  That was part of his personality at the time.  

If your child has a favorite stuffed animal or blanket, they can bring it!  You'll be glad you have some photos with it.

homecoming 2017 | college station family photography

homecoming 2017 | college station family photography